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The Aftermath Of The Carnival Triumph Fiasco

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Carnival Triumph fiasco, which is being called the “cruise from hell” and the “poop cruise” in the press. The nightmare is finally over for the trapped passengers, and the first lawsuits have already been filed. But according to Consumerist, passengers seeking to sue over the ordeal will […]

Priceline Cruise Promotions For February

The cruise lines have taken quite a hit because of recent events (The Costa Concordia accident, multiple Norovirus outbreaks, etc), and that’s great for cheap cruise prices! Priceline is showing some of the lowest cruise prices we’ve seen in quite some time! Most people don’t realize that Priceline covers 20 U.S. ports, with all the […]

Cruise Line Cancels Sailing Due To Another Norovirus Outbreak!

Note to self: Don’t go on the Crown Princess for awhile.. 🙁 Last weekend, nearly 700 passengers on three different ships contracted the flu-like Norovirus, causing Princess and Royal Caribbean cruise lines to delay departure of this week’s sailing for extensive cleaning. Now, another outbreak on one of the same ships has caused its cancellation […]

Norovirus Outbreak On Three Cruise Ships

Every now and then, you hear about a Norovirus outbreak on a cruise ship. Its a common ailment (which causes upset stomach, vomiting and diarrhea), and it’s magnified by the closed environment of a cruise ship – But it’s avoidable for the most part with some basic precautions. So when three seperate ships have outbreaks […]

Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Runs Aground Off Italy

It looks like a scene from Titanic, doesn’t it? Scary stuff, I can only imagine what those passengers must have gone through trying to escape from the sinking ship.. — The Costa Concordia ran aground after Captain Francesco Schettino veered from his approved course and gashed the ship’s hull on a reef, forcing the panicked […]

South American Cruises – Hidden Gems

When one thinks of a cruise destination, most travellers think automatically of the Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska and the Mediterranean.  Yet one destination that doesn’t get much hype lately for unknown reasons is the continent of South America.  And there’s bargains to be had. You probably wonder – and rightfully so – what is there to see […]