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NFL Player Hosts Travel Channel Show

Cincinnati Bengals' Dhani Jones (left), with Muay thai fighter in Thailand.

There’s lots of travel shows out there, whether on PBS, the Travel Channel or even the podcastphere, for that matter.  But it isn’t every day when you come across a travel show that is hosted by an NFL player.  It just so happens that such a show does indeed exist – and you can find it on the Travel Channel.

But a little something about the host of the show.  For those of you who are fans of or follow the National Football League and particularly the Cincinnati Bengals, then you probably know who Dhani Jones is.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with him, he is a linebacker on the Cincinnati Bengals, which provides a twist to your typical travel show host that you see or hear on a daily basis.

Nonetheless, Jones hosts a program on the Travel Channel called, “Dhani Tackles The Globe”.  The show is similar to another show (The Thirsty Traveller), but has a difference: it has an athletic feel to it as Jones travels the globe, trying different sports.  So far, he has played rugby in England, the martial art Muay Thai in Thailand, hurling in Ireland and several other sports in exotic locales.

The premise of his show is relatively simple: he travels the globe to attempt to master a sport at a different global location, along with some sightseeing trips and visits into the locale’s local culture.  I’ve seen some clips and suffice it to say, the show is unique – to say the least.  But definitely worth watching, nonetheless.  The premiere of “Dhani Tackles The Globe” premieres on Monday, March 16 on the Travel Channel.

Plane Crash Survival Tips

Richard Quest offers some tips on staying safe while in the air; in this clip, he is at the British Airways Flight Training Centre.

Despite Economy, Cruise Specials Are Ripe For the Picking


Despite the current economy being shaky, that can be of benefit for the traveller who is looking for a quality cruise at a reasonable price.  Cruise prices have dropped – they’ve dropped lower than before the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Usually, January and February are the peak of the so-called “wave season” – codespeak for the first 3 months of the year, when cruise deals are plentiful.  So far this year, some of those deals are lasting a little longer; as a result, lots of last-minute and early-bird deals can be had at bargain prices.  Some examples:

  • 3 nights in the Bahamas – from $279/person
  • 4 nights Northern Europe – from $300/person
  • 3 nights Mexico – from $239/person
  • 4 nights Canada – from $259/person

A lot of the available cruises also have incentives included, as well – so you get added value as part of the package.  For more information on these and other cruise bargains, please click the CONTACT US link at the top of this page.